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Aqueon Reef-Ready Aquarium 120 Gallon

Reef-Ready Aquarium is equipped with a MegaFlow Overflow system that is engineered to allow maximum water flow to the main filter system while greatly reducing cascading water sound. The Aqueon Overflow system design includes multi-level water intakes, providing more effective circulation and filtration and eliminating dead water zones in your aquarium. 

  • Back wall MegaFlow design hides plumbing for clean appearance
  • Sleek black silicone seals securely bonded and sealed to the back
  • Stack rock or decorations up against overflow to create a natural aquascape
  • Overflow Accessory Kit included: adjustable drainpipe, nozzle, dual nozzle, return pipe, 3/4 elbow, 1 bulkhead, 3/4 universal, 3/4 bulkhead, air intake elbow, 90° elbow, drainpipe base, strainer and bulkhead wrench
  • Single-molded overflow 600 GPH