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FritzPond FritzZyme 360

® 360

  • Reduces and simplifies maintenance
  • Promotes a clean, clear and healthy pond
  • Sludge-eliminating bacteria rapidly digest waste
  • Naturally reduces odors and clarifies water
  • Available in liquid and dry concentrated formulations

About FritzPond FritzZyme® 360

FritzPond FritzZyme® 360 is a concentrated formulation of freshwater-specific strains of beneficial sludge removing bacteria. Using FritzPond FritzZyme® 360 monthly as part of regular maintenance will help keep ponds clear of sludge and pollutants including fish waste, leftover food and other decaying organic matter. FritzPond FritzZyme® 360 is safe for all fish, plants and wildlife. Available dry, liquid or in water-soluble bags.