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Riccia fluitans

How to Plant, Grow and Care for Riccia Fluitans in your Planted Aquarium

  • Tropica tissue culture plants are derived from very small pieces of mother plants and are manufactured in sterile laboratory conditions, producing healthy and high quality plants enclosed in a cup with a fertile gel.
  • Tropica tissue culture plants are guaranteed free of pesticides, algae spores, rockwool, snails and other unwanted organisms.
  • One TC cup plant can be divided into many small portions to cover a large aquascape area. Plants are compact from the start, provided proper fertilizer and CO2, you will experience dense and beautiful growth. Just don't open the plant cup to peek inside until you are ready to plant it in your tank, you don't want to contaminate it's environment.
  • To plant, carefully remove plant from TC cup, wash the jelly away from the plant, use sharp scissors to divide into several small portions and then plant portions into the substrate carefully with tweezers. You can also attach small portions to lava rock and push the rock carefully into the substrate.