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Alternanthera reineckii 'Mini'

Common Name: Alternanthera Reineckii Mini (Tropica Tissue Culture)

Alternanthera Reineckii Mini (AR Mini) is a small variant of the stem plant, Alternanthera Reineckii. It's a somewhat demanding aquatic plant with bright colors of pink, red, crimson, brownish hues on its leaves. Alternanthera Reineckii is a popular aquatic plant in the Dutch aquarium because of its brilliant crimson-red and brown hues. The growth of the stem in submerged cultivation is comparable to that of other Alternanthera species. Only beneath water are you able to detect the compact tiny development.

More baby stems are produced by trimming on a regular basis. It also reduces the bushes' presence, which could obstruct your view of other aquarium plants. Provide sufficient carbon dioxide and iron to keep your plants in excellent color and growth form. It will flourish in favorable circumstances and under adequate light.