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Alternanthera Reineckii 'Rosanervig'

Common Name: Alternanthera Reineckii Rosanervig (Tropica Potted Plant)

Alternanthera Reineckii Rosanervig has bright pink leaves with light veins. The plant is compact in shape and the stem does not develop as prominetely as other Alternanthera. It's an excellent choice for planting in the back or middle of the aquarium, as well as in the front if properly cut. Good light and fertilizer conditions, as well as CO2 addition are all factors essential to lush growth and vibrant color development, for all Alternanthera varieties.

Stems can also be propagated by cutting and floating trimmings in the aquarium. Roots will grow and they may be re-planted. To propagate, you can cut off the terminal bud and plant clippings in the soil; because more side shoots are generated as a result of this, the mother plant becomes bushier. Plant the stems in groups without planting them too tightly together for an improved foliage effect. Alternanthera Reineckii Rosanervig offers great coverage and provides sanctuary for aquarium life and can be trimmed to maintain your desired growth.