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Sicce Wave Surfer Controller

The WAVE SURFER is designed to simulate marine currents by alternating flows from one or more pumps. It is easy to program with the perfect balance of features for trouble free operation. When used with aquarium pumps, the WAVE SURFER allows the creation of multiple currents from different directions inside the tank. Its controls make it simple to regulate the timing of the pumps connected to it. Depending on needs of the user, customization is possible by setting the switching intervals, channel priority, FEEDING MODE and NIGHT MODE as well as the size and number of pumps that are running on each channel.

External use
ON - OFF (min 10 sec - max 10 min)
Possibility to program each plug with different time frame to the other
Connect up to 100W each plug
Possibility to hang or screw it inside in the cabinet (screws not included)
Reccomended for Voyager and Syncra pumps