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Refractometer Calibration Solution

Keep your refractometer readings accurate!

A refractometer is easily one of the most important tools to have if you own a saltwater tank. Without a refractometer, we would be guessing at how much salt is in the water, and more than likely would not be correct! Even if you have a refractometer, it is only as good as how accurate it is calibrated. BRS Calibration Solutions are made of high purity salts that are precisely mixed for their particular application. 

1.0264sg or 35ppt or 53µS

  • 60mL (2 fl. oz)


Calibration of any testing device is required. The more often you perform calibration procedures the more accurate your readings will be. Refractometers are notorious for giving different readings depending on the ambient light of the room you are in. It is suggested to calibrate refractometers once a month or whenever the ambient light may change. 


Refractometer Calibration Instructions:

1. Shake well!

2. Clean any watermarks or stains off the refractometers prism with a soft cloth

3. Add enough BRS Refractometer Calibration Solution to cover the prism, then close the prism cover.

4. If you have an ATC refractometer, wait 45 seconds before taking a reading.

5. Locate your refractometers calibration screw, and adjust the slide until it reads 35ppt.