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Micron Mesh Filter Sock w/ Plastic Ring 7x 16

200 Micron Filter sock

Filter Socks are used on overflows to remove small floating particles from aquarium water. This can dramatically improve water quality and reduce maintenance on filters that would otherwise become clogged.

  • Mesh: Thin, doesn't clog as easily as felt
  • Plastic Ring: attaches via ring that fits common sump holders

Filter socks come in mesh or felt and with a plastic ring or draw string for differences and unique advantages.

  • Regular use will result in clearer water 
  • Removes excess food, detritus, organic waste, dust and other particles.
  • A convenient form filtration.
  • Prevents larger objects like sand, crabs and snails from damaging pump motors.
  • Reduces ammonia and nitrate producing organic waste.
  • Prolongs filter life.