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Chlorine & VOC Carbon Block Filter - 5 Micron

BRS 5 Micron VOC & Chlorine Carbon Blocks are specially formulated for industry leading chlorine and VOC reduction. The result is a filter that can treat almost double the volume of water than any other 5 micron carbon block in our industry which leads to saving money on filter changes in the long run.

  • Chlorine 15,000 @ 1 GPM*
  • 5 µm (Micron) Nominal Filtration*
  • VOC Reduction*


New: BRS VOC and Chlorine Carbon Blocks were developed to maximize adsorptive capacity of the blocks internal pore network and as a result has the highest rated reduction for both chlorine and VOC’s of any 5 micron carbon block in our industry.


BRS Chlorine and VOC Carbon Blocks are manufactured using high performance carbon combined with a new binder system technology which maximizes the volume of microspores and surface area to improve performance.  The combination of advanced carbon technology, increased volume of carbon contained in each filter and proprietary manufacturing processes delivers exceptionally high chlorine, VOC and general chemical performance.

  • Chlorine 15,000 @ 1 GPM**
  • High chemical adsorption*
  • 30% more carbon than standard blocks***
  • VOC Reduction
  • Exceptionally low pressure drop