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Coralife Aqua Gloves

Coralife Aqua Gloves are full-arm length with elastic bands to hold them snugly on the upper arm. The gloves measure 28" in total length and are made of the finest PVC material with fiber-reinforced sleeves. The Aqua Gloves are designed to allow the hobbyist to work efficiently inside the aquarium without contaminating the water. The gloves keep arms and hands completely dry, thus avoiding any possibility of skin contact with the water and its inhabitants, which prevents stings and allergic reactions.

  • Particularly useful for handling anemones. Allows safe working with zoanthids if hands are scratched/cut.
  • Heavy-duty construction aquarium work gloves, not cheap thin ones.
  • They keep you dry, prevent water contamination, and protect skin.
  • Elastic forearm seals prevent leaks so you can work safely inside your aquarium