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Blue Life Red Cyano Rx & Phosphate Rx Combo

This combo pack of Red Cyano Rx and Phosphate Rx is designed to quickly gain control of cyanobacteria outbreaks as well as the nutrients that are often at the root of these blooms. Addressing the visible symptoms of an algae outbreak can produce positive initial results, but killing off algae and cyano releases those organic nutrients back into the water, and to get long-term results this needs to be addressed as well. 


  • Quickly eliminates red cyano blooms
  • Lowers phosphate to proper levels
  • Inhibits future outbreaks
  • Reef Safe

Red Cyano Rx

Red Cyano Rx will quickly and effectively treat disease causing cyanobacteria from live rock, coral and sand in your saltwater aquarium without harming any of its inhabitants including beneficial bacteria when used as directed. Unlike other products, Red Cyano Rx will not discolor your aquariums water.

Phoxsphate Rx

Phosphate Rx is an amazingly simple and effective product that has revolutionized the way phosphates are removed from saltwater and freshwater aquariums. When used in conjunction with a fine mechanical filter, the lanthanum-chloride formula rapidly binds to phosphate molecules making them inactive and easily filtered out.