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Crispy Caves

The new Crispy Caves are edible tubes / caves and thus food and hiding place in one...

The edible Crispy Caves contain essential natural fiber while enhancing the development of a biofilm on their surface. In particular for animals that like to graze on surfaces, such as shrimp, snails and catfish, fiber is an important part of their diet and is needed for digestion.

The Crispy Caves consist largely of wood fibers (cellulose), clay and leaves, which are usually found in the natural habitats of the animals and are ingested in large numbers. Nutrients such as algae and bacteria are eaten with such fibers, which settle as a biofilm on surfaces and form the basis of nutrition. Crispy Caves are therefore the perfect addition to regular feeding with staple food, they remain dimensionally stable in the water and the nutrients have to be actively grated off with the roughage, which corresponds to the animals' natural eating behavior. Smaller animals can enter the cave and eat in peace from the inside of the cave wall.

The edible caves / tubes Crispy Caves are perfect suitable for...
• Shrimp
• Sucker Catfish
• Snails
• Crayfish
• Crabs