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Flipper Auto Top Off

Aquarium maintenance just got easier!
Take a vacation knowing your water levels are under control.
Easy set-up with drip feed tube system
  •  (Reverse osmosis or distilled water recommended)
  • Perfect for Fresh and Saltwater Tanks
  • (Reverse osmosis or distilled water recommended)
  • Compatible with Aquariums between 16-20 in / 40-50 cm in Length
  • Simple Over Tank Design Uses Physics to Keep Your Water Levels Perfect!
  • No Switches, Electronics, or Float Valves That Can Fail!
  • Beautiful High-Quality Clear Acrylic, Looks Elegant on Any Tank!
Ideal for Aquariums Less than 20 Gallons / 75 Liters
Compatible with Aquariums between 16-20 in / 40-50 cm in Length