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Reef Breeders Pico LED Saltwater 2023

The all new 2023 model year Pico LED has been overhauled from the bottom up- making it one of the best options for small aquariums out there!

One major change is the new controller- we developed an advanced yet simple to use interface. The original Pico had a simple on and off switch. The 2023 Pico has an 8, 10, 0r 12 hour timer that ramps up and down throughout the day for a sunrise and sunset effect. You can set the maximum intensity in 10% increments, and moonlights can be toggled on or off. If you want to use your own timer for even more advanced settings, the controller can be removed from the light and bypassed by plugging the light directly into the power supply for use with a 3rd party timer system.

In addition to an upgraded controller with a whole suite of features, the 2023 Pico comes with a 28.5% power boost from 7watts to 9watts of power. The new onboard heat sink allows the LEDs to be run at a significantly higher intensity without overheating for an extended LED lifespan. The 2023 Pico is available in 3 color spectrums:

Saltwater Reef: Designed with corals in mind! 1 x 6500K Cool White, 3 x 450nm Royal Blue, 1 x 420nm Violet, 1 x 480nm Cool Blue. Covers SPS up to 10? x 10?, LPS up to 14? x 14?, and Soft Corals up to 16? x 16?.

Refugium: Well suited for all types of algae- from macro-algae like chaeto, red dragon, etc. to phytoplankton. This color spectrum was first pioneered by ReefBreeders in 2013. 1 x 450nm Royal Blue, 5 x 660nm Deep Red. Covers refugiums up to 18?x18?

Freshwater/Display Refugium: Purpose made for growing both saltwater and freshwater macro-algae. The color is much easier on the eyes, so if you plan on using your refugium as a display or growing freshwater plants- this is the color for you! 3 x 6500K Cool White, 2 x 3500K Warm White, 1 x 450nm Royal Blue. Covers tanks up to 18? x 18?

Main Features:

  • Dimmable sunrise, sunset, and moonlight controller included
  • The power output has been increased by 23% from 7watts to 9watts
  • Onboard heat sink reduces running temp and increase LED life
  • Integrated light shade reduces light spill outside the aquarium
  • Corrosion resistant matte black hardware
  • 24 month USA warranty
Weight 1.35 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 8 × 2.25 in