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AP700 Canopy Kit

Product Information
OverviewThe AP700 Canopy Kit (KSACM01) allows the Kessil AP700 LED Aquarium light to be mounted to the inside of most canopies. Each extension leg is 11.2" long and is designed to be inserted into the AP700. The two extension legs allow you to firmly suspend the AP700 to the top of your canopy. Our recommendation is to hang the AP700 15" - 18" above water surface to obtain a 48"x24" coverage for mixed reef tank, and 5" - 7" above water surface for a 36"x24" coverage for SPS dominant tank.

What's in the Box

  • Bracket (x2)
  • Wire Mount (x4)
  • Tapping Screws (x8)

Compatible With

  • AP700