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Aquarium Co-op Media Pad Carbon

Our Carbon Infused Media Pads are great for removing discoloration, toxic waste or chemicals, medication and odors from your aquarium water. When added to your filter, it also helps to polish and clarify the water in your tank. This filter pad works similarly to loose activated carbon media, but much easier to handle and manage. It can easily be be cut down to the size of your filter for a perfect fit.

  • Carbon Removes Impurities and Odors
  • Easy to Cut to Size of Your Filter
  • Keeps Water Clean and Clear

Our Carbon pads come in a rigid 17.5 inch long and 9.8 inch wide pad. They come folded in half. Also a great secondary polishing pad to remove unwanted waste and particles.

To filter out chemicals in a sponge filter tank, simply wrap the carbon pad around the sponge filter.