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Aquarium Co-Op Pre Filter Sponge Large

An intake sponge also provides valuable surface area to grow beneficial bacteria, which purify waste chemicals in the water and make it safe for your fish to live in. Finally, it adds mechanical filtration that extends the life and efficiency of your filter media.

  • Increases Filter Capacity
  • Prevents Small Fish and Debris from Getting Sucked Up
  • Uses Coarse Foam to Extend Time Between Cleaning

Intake hole: 1.25 inches
Diameter: 3.5 inches
Length: 5.5 inches
Pore Size: approximately 20–25 ppi

Cleaning Instructions: Use a large fish bag, Ziplock bag, or pitcher to put around the sponge while inside of the aquarium. Lift the water and sponge out to catch the majority of debris that comes off during removal. Next, squeeze the sponge inside the container of aquarium water. Discard the dirty water, get more water from the aquarium, and repeat until sponge filter is mostly free of debris. (If you're only using the pre filter sponge as a mechanical filter, you can also rinse it at the sink.) Reinstall the sponge and wait for a couple hours for the water to clear back up from the debris released when removing and reinstalling.