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Sicce Whale External Filter 350

Sicce has been manufacturing industry-leading pumps for years. Recently, we challenged our engineers to develop a canister filter that offers exceptional value to customers without sacrificing quality or features. We asked them to create a filter that is whisper quiet, while also providing higher flow rates per watt of electricity consumed than any other unit currently available. The design they developed features a double- insulated pump wall and advanced rotor design—already in use on our existing pumps—to achieve that. They came up with a canister design that is compact, yet offers extremely high performance. Not satisfied to stop there, they also created a wide range of new media to ensure top performance.  Sicce knows aquarium hobbyists like to customize canister filters for their individual application. The Whale padded media were created to do just that. We also made sure to include popular features like quick disconnects and a priming system. But we put the priming system in the intake, rather than in the lid of the canister, where it is a leak waiting to happen and poses difficulties when repair is attempted. Nothing relating to performance was overlooked, right down to our thick-walled, proprietary grey tubing and higher pressure locking clips. Visit your local dealer and check one out, you can even feel the difference quality makes.

The Whale—the ONLY canister filter worthy of the Sicce logo.

And by the way, our flow rates were determined using canisters filled with media and subjected to head pressure, not empty like many of our competitors.

• NEW! Unique and practical concept of self priming system
• Ready to use and easy to set-up: complete with accessories and high performance filter media
• 3 year warranty
• For fresh and salt water aquariums
• Spacious removable media baskets for biological, mechanical and chemical filter media
• No wet hands with floating media baskets
• SICCE ENERGY EFFICIENT - lowest energy consumption

4 models from 140gph to 390gph

Q-Max 140 us gph
H-Max h 4.6 ft
Voltage / Hertz 115v / 60hz
Watt 6 W
EWHA02U cable 7.2 ft - 2p us