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Shrimp Lollies Artemia Power

Shrimp Lollies - Artemia Power are a tasty treat for all sizes of shrimp.

Just stick the Shrimp Lollies into the substrate to start the feeding frenzy ... your shrimp will just love our Shrimp Lollies - Artemia Power. It won't take long until the Artemia stick is covered in shrimp, and you can watch them munching away on their new favorite food. The Artemia powder stays on the stick very nicely, and your shrimp can eat there for a long time. Our Shrimp Lolliess - Artemia Power (Artemia sticks) contain lots of important vitamins and minerals, which complement your main shrimp food really well.

Feeding recommendation
• 1 Shrimp Lolli (Stick) per approximately 30 shrimp now and then