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SICCE Master DW Pond Utility Pump - 978 gph

MASTER DW pumps have been designed for operating in dirty water conditions and are suitable for medium to large ponds. Perfect for creating waterfalls or for use in conjunction with pressurized external pond filters. Unlike other pumps of similar design, which can only run for short periods of time, the MASTER DW are designed to operate continuously.

Double filtration intake

Discharge adapter to connect standard garden hoses

Corrosion resistant thermoplastic case, volute and impeller

Use in combination with GREEN RESET

  • Q-Max: 978 us gph
  • H-Max: h 9.0 ft
  • Voltage / Hertz: 120v / 60hz
  • Watt: 43 W
  • UMSM01V: cable 20 ft - 3p us