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Plant Pack Enhancer 3-100ml



  • Perfect pack for aquarists looking to supplement macro nutrients
  • Contains 100 mL bottles of Flourish Nitrogenâ„¢, Flourish Phosphorusâ„¢, Flourish Potassiumâ„¢
  • NPK all in one package


Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK) are the three main macro nutrients required by plants and can often become the limiting factor to growth in a flourishing system. Plant Pack Enhancer: NPK combines Flourish Nitrogenâ„¢, Flourish Phosphorusâ„¢, and Flourish Potassiumâ„¢ in one pack.

Flourish Nitrogenâ„¢

Flourish Nitrogen™ is a concentrated (15,000 mg/L) blend of nitrogen sources. It provides nitrogen in both the nitrate form and the plant-preferred ammonium form. However, no free ammonia is released because the ammonium in Flourish Nitrogen™ is complexed and unavailable until utilized by the plants. Flourish Nitrogen™ also provides nitrate for those plants that can readily utilize nitrate as well.

Flourish Phosphorusâ„¢

Flourish Phosphorusâ„¢ is a safe solution of potassium phosphate that takes the guess work out phosphate dosing. Unlike competing products that mix nitrate and phosphate in a fixed ratio, Flourish Phosphorusâ„¢ (being nitrate free) allows you to dose phosphorus according to the needs of your plants without the risk of overdosing nitrates. Likewise, because Flourish Nitrogenâ„¢ is phosphate free you can use both products together to target exactly the ideal amounts of each for your system.

Flourish Potassiumâ„¢

Flourish Potassiumâ„¢ contains 40,000 mg/L of potassium suitable for the natural freshwater aquarium. Potassium is an important element that is needed by all plants. In a thriving planted aquarium it can become the limiting factor to growth if it is depleted.