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Ocean Nutrition - Clams on the Half Shell

Product Features

  • All natural, frozen (raw) baby clams for marine carnivores.
  • Allows finicky eaters to feed naturally from the shell.
  • Excellent for fish that need to grind their teeth.

Proven to trigger a natural feeding response in many finicky marine fish including angels and butterflies. Excellent for fish that need to grind their teeth including triggers and puffers.

All omnivorous and carnivorous fish including: Marine Angels, Butterflies, Puffers, Triggers, Tusks, Wrasses, etc…  Can also be used for Freshwater Puffers and bottom feeders like Loaches and Catfish.

Fish should be fed two to three times a day. Only feed the amount that your fish will consume in five minutes. Remove any uneaten food.

Crude Protein (Min.) — 5.0%
Crude Fat (Min.) — 0.7%
Crude Fiber (Max.) — 0.2%
Moisture (Max.) — 39.2%
Ash (Max.) — 53.8%
Phosphorus (Min.) — 0.1%