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MICRON Carbon Cartridge

Decomposing organic compounds release substances that are harmful in the closed system of an aquarium. These substances include pigments, proteins, phenols, and lignins. Particulate matter accumulating in the aquarium can act as a constant source of these materials. HyperCarbo Fast is used to remove both dissolved substances and fine particulate matter, to help keep the aquarium clean and its inhabitants healthy. Also use HyperCarbo Fast after administration of medications. It is essential for eliminating heavy metals. HyperCarbo Fast acts two ways. Ultra-fast absorbing action works by attracting dissolved molecules electrostatically; Mechanical action captures suspended particles in its porous structure.

  •  INTERNAL TANK FILTER: The Sicce HyperCarbo Cartridge is the perfect replacement for the Micron and Nano Micron Filter. It can be used to remove odors and discoloration
  •  EFFICIENT CARTRIDGE: The HyperCarbo works efficiently to absorb hazardous substances such as metals, phenols, lignin, and helps to lower the amount of nitrogen compounds in your aquarium
  •  SUPERIOR FILTRATION: Utilize the included activated carbon to have crystal clear water. Always provides superior filtration in both saltwater and freshwater
  •  EASY TO INSTALL: This cartridge is easy to use and install in seconds. It is made to last up to 30 days before needing to interchange accordingly for the best performance possible
  •  SICCE has been present in the aquarium and gardening market for over 40 years, becoming a point of reference recognized worldwide for versatile, high-quality products