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Fritz Pond A.C.C.R. Dry

Fritz Pond A.C.C.R. is a unique, highly-concentrated powder that completely, instantly and safely detoxifies ammonia, chlorine and chloramine in all types of ponds and water gardens. Fritz Pond A.C.C.R. is non-toxic. Ammonia poisoning is a common killer of pond fish. Ammonia is produced by decomposing plants, algae, fish waste and uneaten food. Dangerous ammonia levels often occur in new ponds or in an established pond when adding new livestock, when a filter stops working due to power or mechanical failure or if existing beneficial bacterial colonies are lost due to the use of medications or sudden change in water conditions. Fritz Pond A.C.C.R. will not alter pH or deplete oxygen levels. Fritz Pond A.C.C.R. is a true complete water conditioner that not only neutralizes toxic ammonia but also the chlorine and chloramines found in tap water. Fritz Pond A.C.C.R. is extremely safe even when overdosed.

Directions & Dosage

1 teaspoon will treat approx. 40 gallons (151 L) or 32 g per 1,000 L (264 gallons). Using this dosage, 1.0 mg/L ammonia will be instantly eliminated, as well as chlorine and chloramines. FritzPro A.C.C.R. dosage can be safely increased by 5x to remove greater amounts of ammonia.

  • For best results, dissolve ACCR in tap water in a separate container before adding water to aquarium.
  • No equipment restrictions necessary
  • No contraindications: can be used with all of our other products and meds
  • Handy when using medications that affect the bio filter: avoid water changes by adding ACCR to detoxify up to 1 ppm ammonia per dose
  • Overdosed? It is safe to increase dosage up to 5x. Observe livestock for distress, perform small water changes if needed
  • Test with a chlorine test kit, salicylate-type ammonia test kit (those with yellow-to-green color charts)