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Fritz Maracyn Two

Keep your tank healthy and thriving with the Fritz Aquatics Mardel Maracyn Two Antibacterial Aquarium Medication. The fast-dissolving powder formula uses maracyn-two, an advanced broad-spectrum antibiotic to treat common bacterial infections including body fungus, gill disease, popeye, tail and fin rot, and dropsy. It works in both freshwater and saltwater fish, and helps treat common symptoms like clamped fins, swollen eyes and patchiness. Plus, it won’t harm invertebrates so you can use it around shrimp and other antenna-wearing aquarium buddies.

  • Treats body fungus “columnarisâ€Â, fin and tail rot, popeye, dropsy, septicemia and gill disease in freshwater and saltwater fish.
  • Formulated with maracyn-two, a broad-spectrum antibiotic that is absorbed by the fish through the skin to enhance effectiveness.
  • Easy-to-use powder formula dissolves fast to start treating symptoms like clamped fins, swollen eyes, corner hiding and others.
  • Safe to use around invertebrates including shrimp, and is ideal for tetras, cichlids, catfish, goldfish, angelfish, clownfish, damsels and more.
  • Available in 8-pack and 24-pack boxes to accommodate any size tanks.