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Fritz CopperSafe

Chelated Copper Treatment for the Infections of:

  • ICH
  • Flukes (Gyrodactylus)
  • Anchor worms
  • Velvet/Protozoan diseases
  • other external parasites.
  •  solution remains active for over one month in the aquarium. It is a safe, stable, non-staining concentrate that does not color aquarium water.
  •  solution.
  •  solution is so stable in water, partial water changes are the quickest way to remove it from the water.
  •  solution.

Use 1 tsp/5ml per 4 U.S. Gallons (15 L), 1 cup (8oz) per 190 U.S. Gallons (337.5 L). Treats water for one month. Treat replacement water.

Special notes on Coppersafe solution – Copper levels are commonly measured as free or as total copper

 Do not overdose.

Note: Consult a veterinarian or fish expert for assistance in diagnosis of disease causing organisms and treatment options.